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Wooden Crates

Craters & Freighters fabricates custom wooden crates to protect items whose value or fragility requires the highest level of packaging. We offer a variety of crate styles designed to match the unique characteristics of each item we package, including size, weight, fragility, and orientation.

All crates are designed to be reusable. Moreover, all crates adhere to ISPM-15 ("bug stamp"), making them fully compliant with the requirements of participating countries.

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Specialty Wooden Crates

Craters & Freighters routinely produces a variety of crates for specialty applications. In addition to the crates shown below, we can design and build crates for virtually any application you can imagine. A simple phone call or email begins the process!

Open Slat Crates & Others:

Open or Slat crates are designed in such away as to protect the contents of the crate from other items falling onto the crated item while in transit. The crate is designed with a pallet or skid type bottom to support the weight and size and upright and diagonal cleats using nominal wood components to structure the walls and top of the crate.

Tradeshow Crates

Our expertise will save you money when you get to the show. No more renting carpeting, tables and chairs. We cut your trade show expense plus store the crate and ship to union trade shows.

Custom crates for manufacturers are standard business for us. We will work with you for your special needs and stock the crates for just in time delivery.

Motorcycle Shipping Crates for Export

Each motorcycle we crate and ship is different in some way. Consequently we must treat each one with special crating needs. We understand the special requirements to ship motorcycles for exporting. The title work, and handling will be included in the price we give you.

Corrugated Crates & Containers

Corrugated fiberboard, or combined board, has two main components; the linerboard and the medium bonded together by adhesives. Both are made from a heavy paper called containerboard. Linerboard is the flat facing that adheres to the medium. The medium is a wavy paper called a flute that is found between the linerboards. Corrugated is a durable, versatile and lightweight material used for custom-manufactured shipping containers. We use as a minimum 350 lb double wall corrugated fiberboard which is made up of three sheets of linerboard with two mediums or flutes in between when building custom corrugated boxes.

Custom Crating and Shipping Solutions, Call or Request an Estimate Craters & Freighters Las Vegas.

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