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We manage the crating, packaging & logistics needs for all sectors of the commercial and industrial markets, and can handle large, heavy equipment.

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Unlike most pack and ship companies that have weight and size limitations, we offer crating solutions for just about anything you can imagine. Items that are too big, too heavy, or too valuable for others are just right for us.

Industrial Crating & Packaging Services for Shipping

Compared to Arts & Antiques crating and shipping large bulky Industrial Machinery requires a completely different approach. In most case as you can imagine Industrial Machinery are often heavy and quite expensive. That's why Industrial companies call Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas to provide the solutions to ship their items to the destination.

Most other Crating & Shipping companies don't have the know how to complete the task at hand or are afraid to take a job of this magnitude. This is where our team of Engineers comes in so we can get the job done Right the First Time.

Our engineers will design and fabricate custom Crates and/or Skids to the specification of the Machinery in question. They must take into account Size, Weight, Dimensions, Loading Method, Shipping Method; etc.


Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas has the capabilities to provide Industrial Shipment solutions for you whether you need us regularly or need to Outsource on occasion. Do you need On-Site construction because your item can't be move off your location? We can do it! Do you need us to build a Knockdown Crate for you and you construct it yourself? We can do it! Do you need several Crates with the same dimensions every month? We can put the design in production and have them ready for you! Do you need a custom Skid to support heavy equipment? We'll engineer it Right! We can provide all these services to your company and more.

These following photos are examples of industrial crates made for oversized items.

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