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Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas has 25+ years of experience shipping internationally. You can rely on our expertise that delivers for shipments traveling to Europe, Asia, or just about anywhere! We provide proper documentation, packaging, and crating standards to ensure international shipments arrive safe, damage free, and on time!

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We consult with you to be sure we understand all of the important characteristics of your item, including weight, dimensions and fragility. With that information, our team then goes to work to determine the best possible crate or container. If nothing that exists matches your item specifications, we will custom build the crate you need. We then make certain the packaging material is just right for your needs and professionally package your items. Craters & Freighters  Houston is your assurance of safe, damage-free delivery. It couldn’t be any easier.

What's Inside Our Crates?

Inside our crates and boxes, you’ll find custom packaging, blocking and bracing. These critical elements insure your item arrive safe, damage free, and on time. In other words, we don’t simply place your item in a crate or box. We take careful consideration into the best packaging and crating methods available for the item.


Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters by Requesting a Quote today! Craters & Freighters has the expertise that delivers!

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