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As you begin browsing our website and wondering why you would choose this company, ask yourself what you think is "The Most Important" aspect about shipping your Item. Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas promises the best quality workmanship using the best materials and offering the best shipping solutions to provide you with a superior packing and shipping service. World Class Service and Superior Workmanship is what you will receive from us, "Guaranteed". We promise to save you time and give you Peace-Of-Mind.


Here is what makes Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas a successful option:

  • Since 1990 we've acquired the knowledge and expertise to meet your Needs.
  • Is it important to talk to someone who really cares about your needs just as much as you do?
  • Someone that will take the time to discuss and understand what you want to accomplish. It makes all the difference in the world.
  • We Provide FREE QUOTES and work through the details with No Obligation!
  • We promise Peace-Of-Mind and Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Why Pack & Ship with Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas?

Picture yourself having an expert shipper and crater on your side. The further and further you read into this website you'll come to realize that our crates and boxes are the best in the industry. Our precise design and fabrication of our packaging is how we've been successful. We don't sacrifice quality because our reputation and your Peace-Of-Mind are more important and that approach has made us successful in this industry.

Imagine how you will feel when you know your precious Items are in good hands. How will you react when you know that you saved time, and energy, and didn't have any Headaches? How would anyone feel when they received your product on-time and in one piece within a clean professional looking package? What would they say to you? How would that make you feel? Wouldn't it make sense to have an expert shipper on your Team? Don't wait let us begin to work on your current shipment.

At Last! A Company that Actually Cares!

By now you probably realize that it is important to get it right the first time when handling and shipping items using freight carriers. If for example you are shipping bulk freight there is usually less exposure to the possibility of damage as everything is uniform. When you ship large, bulky, awkward, or fragile items, special attention and precaution is necessary to protect against the possibility of damage due in handling and transporting. Selecting the best method of packing and shipping which includes the materials used to pack and crate your item as it relates to its value. is what we pride ourselves in.

It's imperative to consider the best method of transporting your shipment when selecting the carrier as that will save both time and money. If your item being shipped domestically is ground better or can it go by air? If your item is being shipped overseas should it travel by ocean or can it go by air? Which option is safer and most cost effective? With our knowledge and expertise we'll help your decision making easier.

That's Why People Choose Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas!!! We take on the Responsibility and leave you Headache Free!

Introducing Our Customer Step-By-Step Status Updates

Finally, we are a company who communicates what is going on with your shipments. Most packing & shipping companies don't take the time or the effort to keep you informed throughout the process, nor do they care. Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas takes the initiative to send you status updates and or pictures of your shipment when it is packed and ready to go. We include shipping numbers so that you may track your shipment from start to finish via the internet. Our goal is to always to keep you informed so we can save you time and give you eace-of-,ind.

Being Different Isn't Always Bad

After browsing through our site we think you'll come to appreciate that we aren't just about boxes and crates we're about you. Why do we care about the quality of our workmanship? Why do people use Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas for all their shipping needs? Because they know what to expect and that we stand behind our work.

Can You Imagine Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas
Doing The Same For You?

Now we would like you to experience firsthand how we can help you turn your shipping experience into a pleasurable event. Call Craters & Freighters of Las Vegas now for your packing and shipping Needs. We'll make it easy for you and save you time while giving you peace-of-mind!

Many customers in the Las Vegas area have unique packing and shipping needs that cannot be met by traditional packing and shipping services. Whether you have international shipping needs, an estate to ship to five different locations or you have a need for customized packaging, you may have had difficulty finding packing and shipping services to meet your needs in the past.

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